Erciyes Mountain

Mounth Erciyes is a magnifect mountain with a height of 3917 meters.It is south west of the city of Kayseri in Turkey.

There is always snow on the mountain is summer and winter.Winter sports have started to develop in recent years.Mountaineering sports are also available.Many touristic hotels were built in both Erciyes and Kayseri in recent years.

Mounth Erciyes is at extinct volcano.It has been sleeping in its deep sleep for thousands of years.It spewed lava arount it in combative times.The old name of the mountain is Argoios.Fairy chimneys in the Cabadocia region are made of ashes thrown by the Erciyes.

Kayseri,the ancient city on the outskirts of Erciyes,is worth seeing.It is an interesting city with its historical castle and old bazaar.Trade and industry have developed.It is also a univercity city. There is also an international airport in the city.

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